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Flora  Francis

As Principal Decorator of Belle Choze, I am committed to helping you create spaces that reflect who you are; spaces that are customized to your expectations.


Interior decorating is and has always been, my passion. The origins of this passion stem from watching my parents transform small spaces to make a home  for thirteen children. As a young girl  I noticed the unique touches of artistry in the carpentry work of my father.  I watched my mother manage costs with the skill of a trained accountant. Before too long I was sharing my own ideas. I fell in love with changing spaces and became a DIY guru by the time I was a teenager.  


After years of  doing design projects for friends and family, I decided to pursue decorating full-time. I am no longer their best kept secret and couldn't  be more excited to start with your space. Welcome to Belle Choze !


Special Thanks: 


To B Photography Barbara McKenzie for the fantastic photographs. Heidi Louis for all of your creative ideas for this site. also, My OH SO Wonderful family and friends for their great contributions, support and love. Thank you.


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