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Welcome to the Belle Chòze Blog!

Welcome to the first post in our new Belle Chòze blog! In this space I’ll be sharing some of my new projects with you and, along the way, provide some practical tips about the simple changes you can make to breathe beauty into your space.

Renewed spaces

Some projects are more personal than others. I recently finished decorating my sister’s living room and one bedroom. She lost her son in the past year and had been through a very difficult time. Seeing the renewed smile on her face was very rewarding and made me think about how important our home spaces are to all of us. They are places to live, love and heal.

The impact of color

A big part of transforming my sister’s space was injecting fresh color. Selecting the right paint color, the right accessories and flooring are key to achieving your design goals. I’m not a fan of following color trends – color is personal. Always start with your favorite colour, then adjust it to complement the items in the room. It doesn’t have to be reflected on the wall. It can always be added with accessories, like drapery, artwork and cushions.

See how my sister’s space went from bold to soft and inviting.

Next blog: Mouldings.


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