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Mouldings: Completing a room

When I enter a room, I can’t help but let my eyes enjoy the framing of the space. I love simple details to give a room structure. If there are no finishing details in a room, I always try to imagine what it would look like dressed up with mouldings.

I recently worked on a project to refresh a small basement. One of my challenges was the ceiling, which had water damage from last year’s Christmas tree. What a perfect opportunity to remove the dreadful popcorn covering altogether.

After scraping off the popcorn, I followed with a light wet buffing. I could have finished the ceiling with compound, but I wanted a quicker fix. I also thought a decorative ceiling would add interest to the small space.

I primed, painted and added some decorative ceiling tiles and MDF trim to conceal the stain. I finished the ceiling with a crown moulding made with chair rail moulding. I used that moulding because of the size and detail. I believe any moulding can be used to finish a space, such as less-expensive baseboard moulding customized into crown moulding.

Interested in learning more about using mouldings to complete a space? Select Mouldings and contact me for more details.

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